C.R.U.P. (CareRegionUpperPalatinate) – The future of Upper Palatinate? Cheap * Easy * Isolated.

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C.R.U.P. – The future of Upper Palatinate?
In the Federal Republic of Germany it is increasingly difficult to find the necessary nurses to help elderly people.
The main reason for this is the often too low pay with an increased workload.
To meet this dilemma, it might be a good thing for senior citizens with less property and assets – all other aging people can afford care – to spend the last years of their life in a region where the costs of living are much lower.

Now one might think that Eastern European countries, in which German nursing facilities already have set up and successfully operated such institutions, would be very suitable for this. This is a matter of opinion, because with every person in need of care, as well as not knowing how long the person will live, a considerable amount of tax is withdrawn from their own…

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